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Harness the true potential of your GAM by utilizing our AI-driven Yield Maximizer, free advanced tools and ad operation services.
Monetization Audit
Monetization Audit Report for publishers to optimise their Ad Manager
Are you leaving money on the table?

With an ever-changing advertising landscape, a monetization audit assists you to build the required operational efficiencies and creates an apt environment to increase your overall programmatic yield & revenue.

Our in-depth understanding of Google Ad Manager (GAM) combined with the publisher’s tech stack allows us to highlight those opportunities for our publishers. With over 95% of our publishers using GAM as their integrated advertising management platform, there is no doubt that we would be the perfect partner for you


  • Top 5 Geos
  • Total Ad Request V/s Imp..
  • Top 5 size by impression
  • Viewability Trend
  • Desktop V/s Mobile
  • Impressions Trend
  • & Many more ways to visualise and your Ad business
Turn data into insights

Make smart and quick decisions by analyzing all your important advertising data sets in one place. We provide graphical representations of your data, making it simple to understand multiple metrics and trends at a glimpse.

Health Score
An AI-Driven tool to streamline growth

For a publisher, keeping a regular check on the overall health of their website is the key to improving their yield & revenue, striving for a better user experience and ensuring maximum performance for their advertisers.

Our AI-Driven Health Score tool is based on a real-time comprehensive analysis based on various parameters that will provide the important insights you need to achieve your goals.

Ad Performance Score
Get your
Own GAM*
Scale Your Earnings

Take the first step towards getting the most value for every impression, delivering better ad experiences, and managing your entire ads business from one easy-to-use, integrated platform.

GAM being the most popular platform and widely used amongst publishers, helps you take control of your revenue, make informed decisions and manage all your ad sources in one place.

Google Ad Revenue Multiplier

In a highly fragmented industry, we focus on an integrated approach to optimize your Google Ad Exchange and Open Bidding demand directly in your own Google Ad Manager.

Our yield management techniques are devised by our AI & machine learning tools along with our GAM experts who understand demand trends & different pricing strategies to get the highest CPMs and fill rate giving you full control and transparency during our optimization.

Ad Operations
Maximize all digital ad inventory

With our years of experience and expertise, no one understands the ad operation needs of the publishers better than us. We provide the operational support to deliver your direct campaigns along with managing and optimizing your third party programmatic partners as per the KPIs.

Services Offered

With a deep understanding and knowledge of our client’s strategic goals, our certified team helps you with quality driven and scalable ad management services.