Driving Engagement: Volkswagen’s Virtus Launch with AndBeyond.Media

Volkswagen, an emblematic name in automotive innovation, embodies excellence and dedication to superior driving experiences. As the brand continues its legacy, Volkswagen introduced a new gem in the sedan category: the Volkswagen Virtus.


  • Impact: For the Volkswagen Virtus launch, the company aimed to design a campaign that highlighted its captivating features while making a deep and memorable impact.
  • Reach: Volkswagen aimed to do more than just unveil the new car. The goal was to create a buzz, spark conversations, and embed the Virtus in the minds of auto aficionados.

To achieve this ambitious vision, Volkswagen chose AndBeyond.Media as their strategic ally for an innovative ad campaign.


  • In-depth Market Analysis: AndBeyond.Media commenced with a thorough analysis of the market to understand audience preferences, behaviors, and anticipations.
  • Personalized Campaign Design: Ensuring the campaign’s design and messaging resonated with the audience’s values was paramount.
  • Strategic Audience Targeting: The foundation was a data-informed understanding encompassing target audience identification, market trends examination, competitive landscape assessment, and consumer behavior insights.
  • Defining the Target Audience: The primary audience comprised dynamic males aged 30 and above from diverse Indian locales, unified by their love for sedans, high-performance, and luxury vehicles.
  • Interactive Ad Campaign: The heart of the solution was the initiation of a rich media buy campaign, featuring user-engaged interactive banners across desktop and mobile platforms. These were strategically placed on premium English and Regional publishing sites to maximize visibility and engagement.

Results: Exceptional Engagement and Reach

  • Outstanding Impact: The campaign, within a month, demonstrated the prowess of a meticulously targeted and personalized approach.
  • Soaring Click-through Rates: An impressive CTR of 2% was achieved, translating to over 215,000 clicks.
  • Extensive Impressions: The campaign registered over 11 million impressions.
  • Engagement Peaks: Engagement rates climbed to an impressive 22%.
  • Broadened Reach: The campaign touched 3 million individuals, with a commendable viewability rate of 61%.


AndBeyond.Media’s collaboration with Volkswagen for the Virtus launch epitomized the efficacy of data-driven strategies and innovative ad mediums. Their campaign not only resonated with the target demographic but also made a significant imprint in the dynamic realm of automotive marketing.

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