Maximizing Revenue for New Media Group: A Strategy Yielding 116% Growth

About the client 

New Media Group, a leader in digital-first media in Hong Kong, required the implementation of multiple display products to significantly boost overall revenue across its properties.

AndBeyond.Media’s Strategic Solution

Understanding New Media Group’s ambitions, AndBeyond.Media impleneted Single Tag Solution designed to maximize revenue while ensuring seamless site operation. This included:

  • Smart Ad Refresh: Refreshing ads in viewable ad units to increase impressions without affecting user experience.
  • High Impact Ad Units: Captivating ad formats designed to grab audience attention and drive engagement.
  • Dynamic Unfilled Ad Units: Utilizing otherwise unused ad space to ensure every potential ad impression is monetized.
  • Single Tag Solution: A revolutionary approach enabling the deployment of all these solutions through a single tag integration.

Benefits of Single Tag Deployment

  • Multi-Solution Launch: Enabled New Media Group to deploy a variety of ad solutions tailored to their specific needs through a single integration.
  • Preserved Site Speed and User Experience: By avoiding additional scripts, the single tag solution ensured the website’s performance remained unaffected.
  • Streamlined Implementation: Simplified the ad implementation process, leveraging hardcoding and 1×1 Google Ad Manager (GAM) setups.
  • Reduced Ad Serving Costs: A unified line item for multiple products helped in minimizing ad serving expenses.


  • 116% Overall revenue growth
  • Top 3 revenue contributing partner

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