AndBeyond.Media is now a Google Certified Publishing Partner

AndBeyond.Media proudly announces its official recognition as a Google Certified Publishing Partner, solidifying its position as a leading-edge digital solutions provider. Being recognized by Google, a technology leader, demonstrates AndBeyond.Media’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technologies, thus making it an ideal and qualified partner for publishers seeking to unlock the true value of their content.

About the Certification

What is the Google Certified Publishing Partner badge? 

This is a certification program started by Google in 2015 as a means to foster a thriving ecosystem for online publishers. The Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) certification is designed to empower publishers by providing them with a select group of qualified ad tech partners or Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) that have demonstrated expertise in various aspects of digital publishing, particularly in optimizing ad monetization and content strategy.

What is a Google Certified Publishing Partner? 

GCPPs are companies that have undergone a rigorous evaluation process by Google and have demonstrated their expertise in specific areas, particularly in optimizing ad revenue, utilizing Google’s advertising and publishing products effectively, and providing high-quality services and support to publishers.

What are the benefits of working with a GCPP partner? 

Working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) offers publishers a multitude of valuable benefits. 

  1. Enhanced monetization

Publishers partnering with GCPP partner such as AndBeyond.Media will gain access to a comprehensive suite of web monetization tools. These tools are designed to optimize revenue streams, leading to higher profits for publishers.

  1. Robust advertising tools

GCPP provides publishers with a wide array of powerful tools, including Google Ad Manager, AdMob, and AdSense, among others. These tools empower publishers to effectively manage their ad inventory, ensuring maximum revenue potential.

  1. Specialized monetization support

GCPPs offer focused support in various areas, such as mobile ads, app advertising, video ads, and customized ad formats. This tailored assistance ensures that publishers can optimize revenue from specific platforms and formats.

  1. Comprehensive ad management

GCPPs handle various aspects of ad management, from inventory management to bidding and buying, relieving publishers of operational burdens and streamlining the process.

  1. Customized solutions

GCPPs provide additional products customized to align with the unique needs of a publisher’s website. These solutions not only enhance the website’s performance but also contribute to its growth potential.

  1. Ad operations and testing

GCPPs offer expertise in ad operations and testing, ensuring that publishers’ ad placements are optimized for maximum revenue while maintaining a positive user experience.

  1. Ad optimization strategies

GCPPs deploy sophisticated ad optimization strategies, maximizing the effectiveness of ad placements and increasing overall revenue for publishers.

  1. Technical support

GCPPs provide technical support, assisting publishers with any challenges they may encounter and ensuring a smooth and efficient monetization process.

With a track record of collaborating with diverse publishers across emerging markets, AndBeyond.Media’s GCPP certification signifies a new chapter in publisher partnerships, backed by unwavering support, consistent performance metrics, and membership in the prestigious Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). This development underscores AndBeyond.Media’s commitment to transforming the ad tech landscape for publishers, providing them with unparalleled tools and support to thrive in the evolving digital ecosystem.

The coveted GCPP certification places AndBeyond.Media at the forefront of supporting publishers in emerging markets with enhanced capabilities. Their partner publishers can unlock early access to cutting-edge ad tools and elevated technical support from Google. With this latest recognition, AndBeyond.Media is more determined than ever to drive value and impact for their clients and continue forging ahead in their pursuit of excellence.

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